Acupressure for Longevity

Every day we face a lot of stress that can affect our health in the future if we do not release it as soon as possible.

We offer you the following tips to help you to have a healthier constitution and a fresh attitude to face a complicated situation such as a long day at work.

It is important to start your day before you get up with these five acupuncture points:

  • Large Intestine 4
  • Large Intestine 11
  • Pericardium 6
  • Stomach 36
  • Spleen 6

Please press these five acupuncture points 20 to 30 times daily with medium force.


Large Intestine: LI-4


  • Frees the channels and quickens the network vessels

  • Relieves pain and quiets the spirit

Large Intestine: LI-11


  • Harmonizes qi and blood

  • Eliminates water-dampness

Pericardium: PC-6


  • Clears heat and eliminates vexation

  • Harmonizes the stomach and relieves pain

Stomach: ST-36


  • Dispels evil and prevents diseases

  • Harmonizes the intestines

  • Frees and regulates qi and blood of the channels

Spleen: SP-6



  • Fortifies the spleen and inhibits dampness

  • Regulates the liver and the kidney