Acupuncture: Testimonials


About a month ago, I was feeling weak, tired, almost like the feeling of depression. I knew I was not depressed because that is not my nature. 

I also was experiencing pain in the lower extremities of my body. My legs, ankle and feeling hurt. My medical doctor took blood test and said I was healthy. It was all skeletal. What do I do, she told me I had two choices. One was physical therapy the other was pain pills. I started living with two pain pills a day, one to start the day and the other to end it. I KNEW THIS WAS NO WAY TO LIVE. I started searching for an acupuncturist, and knowing Dr. Lin was a medical doctor. I walked into her office. I was crying. I felt so bad. No desire to do anything. Two weeks later I was starting to smile. I had all my energy back and more. I could see the sun, and all my chores were getting done. I was feeling so much better. Although the pains in my ankles and feet still remained, I felt much better.  After telling Doctor Lin about this, the very next day I was up on my feet with no pain at all. I had been suffering with foot pain for about three years and no other medical doctor could tell me why. 

I own my life now, at 71, I can get up in the morning knowing a great day is ahead of me instead of thinking IS THIS WHAT GETTING OLDER IS LIKE. THANK YOU DR. LIN! (FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK). 

......Loretta A. 

Respiratory Illness

Prior to visiting the office of Dr. Lin, I was diagnosed with Restrictive Lung Disease. I was experiencing shortness of breath, fainting, tachycardia, persistent cough, back and chest pain, and weight loss. I saw multiple other physicians and underwent extensive testing but was not seeing any improvements in my health. 

It was not until I saw Dr. Lin that I started to feel big improvements in my health.  Dr. Lin is kind, patient, and listens to my ailments. No other doctors could relieve my symptoms. Dr. Lin is the only person who did not give up on me. I also like the fact that Dr. Lin’s treatments get to the source of the problem not just cover up the symptoms and I have not had any side effects.  

......Monica D. P.   

Pain Management

For the last several years, I have been in physical therapy, taking nerve/pain medication and numerous cortisone injections for pain management.  

Under the care of Dr. Lin, the acupuncture treatments have improved my condition. My hip pain has reduced without the use of traditional pain medicine. Now I have a second chance at life. 

Dr. Lin is one of the most honest human beings I have ever met with the utmost integrity. 

......Carey R.   

Acid Reflux, Hernia, and Neck Pain

I was suffering with Acid Reflux,  a Hernia, and Neck Pain. I decided to try Acupuncture. I can feel a definite improvement after each and every Acupuncture treatment.  Dr. Lin prescribed some herbal supplements in conjunction with the Acupuncture treatments and was able to heal me of these afflictions. 

I am so pleased with my results, and I am grateful to say that after over 20 years suffering with Acid Reflux, I am almost completely off all medications. My hernia is no longer bothering me, and my neck pain is so much better.  I feel amazing after each and every acupuncture treatment. Dr. Lin has been outstanding in treating my health issues, and I am so grateful to have a doctor that is prompt and professional in helping with my medical needs. 

She is extremely knowledgeable and is an outstanding Acupuncturist. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering with medical ailments.  Thank you Dr. Lin for your help, and your concern  

.......James A. Vero Beach, Florida  

Chronic Cough and Dizzy Spells

I am a patient of Dr. Y. Lin, MD (China). I would like to share my experience of her with you. I have had a cough for most of my adult life, which is about 35 years. After just a couple of months of acupuncture and herbs with Dr. Lin, my cough is gone. 

Next, for the last couple of years I have suffered with dizzy spells every few days. These spells last a few minutes up to an hour. After an especially long spell, I will begin vomiting violently. Traditional medicine has not been able to correct this or find a reason for it even after extensive testing. 

After seeing Dr. Lin I have not had a spell for several weeks. My overall health and sleep is greatly improved. I have more energy and a better outlook on the more tedious chores of daily living. Dr. Lin is a sensitive and caring person. I’m so blessed to have had her come into my life.   

......Sincerely yours, Bonnie Q. 

Bone Healing and Kidney Cysts

Dear Dr. Lin, I  want to confirm a healing in my right ankle that I have suffered with for 30 years.  The pain was so excruciating I could not walk at times. The medical terminology is as follows: Pantalar, primarily subtalar. I had broken my ankle and sprained it several times. I had seen a few orthopedic specialists and a few podiatrists over the years and they basically stated there was no surgery as of yet to correct the problem and tried various different ankle braces. Needless to say the pain never subsided. I was unable to climb ladders, go up and down stairs or leave my shoes on for an extended period of time without suffering. Even a short walk would leave me no other option but to lay down and suffer with pain. The last Doctor I saw told me that I have lived with the pain this long and to just get used to it.  I also had three cysts in my kidneys for over two years which showed on an ultrasound.  My brother suggested acupuncture. 

I went online and found Dr. Y. Lin MD (China) Mac, Licensed Acupuncturist and made an appointment. My brother told me to make sure that the acupuncturist studied and practiced in China. I am very very happy to say that I have no pain in my ankle, and I am able to enjoy walking with my wife and work around my yard and house without any pain at all.   I also went back to have another ultrasound on my kidneys and there were no cysts! I could not be any happier and I owe it all to Dr. Lin. 

I would highly recommend her for anybody suffering with pain, stress, cysts, or anything else you may be suffering from. I will continue going to ensure nothing else grows in my body and maintain my health. Forever grateful!

.......Gary G. Jensen Beach, FL   

Headaches and Anxiety

Dear Dr. Lin, I would like to thank you so much for the professional care you provided me with compassion. I received significant relief from chronic headaches and anxiety attacks. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.   

......Michael O. North Palm Beach, Florida   


For over 4 years I suffered with neuropathy in both my feet caused by bulging discs from a fall down the stairs.  I could hardly walk and could not wear any closed shoes because of the pain.  After many months of physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments - the condition continued to exist.  I found Dr. Lin through a co-worker's recommendation and began coming to her.  Within 4-6 visits I began to experience relief.  My treatments are combined with Chinese herbal tea formulas based on her vast knowledge.  She is such a caring and compassionate professional and I immediately felt at home under her care.  I continue my treatments with her as she balances my body/system for other issues as they occur.  

I can't say "thank you" enough to her for the relief and care I have received under her hands. If anyone out there is even slightly considering acupuncture for any chronic or persisting condition - you will do yourself a disservice if you don't give it a try.  Dr. Lin is wonderful and I don't know what I would have done without her.  "Thank you again!!" 

 ......Janet North Palm Beach, Florida  

Chronic Foot Pain

 For 6 years I have suffered with chronic feet pain and after seeking numerous treatments with no results and only to be taking pain medication to get through the day, surgery was my only option.  I hesitated because it would have been major surgery and months of recuperation.  I decided at that time to seek alternative medicine.  I was ever so fortunate to meet Dr. Lin and only after a few treatments my pain was absolutely gone, giving me my life back once again. 

While treating my feet pain, Dr. Lin noticed my blood pressure (which I've been treating for 15 yrs) was significantly lower and now after 3 months, I am off all medications and I feel wonderful.  You are an extremely gifted person Dr. Lin and I thank God for bringing you into my life.  Thank you again!!  I want to also thank you so much for not only taking such wonderful care of me, but also my family.  We are all doing so much better since coming to you.  

The care and concern you have for all of us is more than exceptional and very much appreciated.  You are not only a professional, but a very caring and compassionate woman.  Thank you!!  

......Lorraine C. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida   

Body Pain, depression, and more......

I must confess to you. Dr. Lin saved my life many time. In 2008 I had a slip and fall (neck accident) where I had a horrible impingement nerve going to my left shoulder, arm and fingers and one day I told my doctor that I felt like I was going to have a heart attack because I started to feel imbalance with my legs besides the pain in my neck. My doctor said I gave you medications and there is nothing we can do for you and was told the only thing I can do is to call 911. I got nuts with the response and I drove my car to Dr. Lin. When I got there she said my blood pressure was extremely low and she gave me a heaven treatment that ended my pain and I was walking normal again. I gave up all medications.

I’ve known her for 2 years and I must confess to you again no matter what you have she can treat anything to get you BALANCED physically, mentally, and at the most important emotional levels, which play a big role to get you in a normal level in this nuts time that we all live right now. Yes she can recharge your batteries in one treatment or even in a few treatments. Yes, she is my 911 Doctor heaven and I do highly recommend Dr. Lin!!!  ALSO, she did treat me for depression, fear, frustration, menopause and sciatic too! 

......Lia [L.M.T.] North Palm Beach, Florida 

Hearing Loss

Dear Dr. Lin, When I was about 4 years old, I put a cherry pit in my right ear. Even though a doctor was able to help me got it out, I suffered from 75% hearing loss. I want to thank you for straightening out my system and the most amazing part of this restoration would have to be you restoring my hearing. Thank you!

.......Kay F. Palm Beach Gardens, FL  

Health Deterioration

 Dr. Lin, I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to work with me.  When all other doctors failed to get to the root of my worst problem, my health had deteriorated to the point I was not sure if I would ever recover.  

You took the time each session until finally the root problem is now under control THANKS to you Dr.  Lin.  You did not just stop there treating the rest of my deteriorated body systems to regain my health.  This has been a huge challenge for us both and I’m so glad to have found you.

 ......Sincerely,  Judy  


Before I came to Dr. Lin for acupuncture, I had been seeing over 5 different medical practitioners, ranging from general physicians to rheumatoid specialists, for a condition of severe poly-arthritis that I had developed.  I could not play my piano, get up from my chair, or even sleep at night without experiencing intense pain.  My condition reached such a severe point that at times I was unable to move.  

My first visit with Dr. Lin was a comforting experience.  Not only was she very thorough, but she was also one of the first physicians that I felt genuinely wanted to care for me instead of simply treating my disorder.  My personalized treatments from Dr. Lin really helped my recovery, and every treatment was very relaxing.  I felt a noticeable improvement in my condition within a relatively short period of time, and with each subsequent visit I was able to move with less pain and sleep more soundly. 

I was nineteen yrs. old and barely able to walk when I started going to Dr. Lin.  I am now twenty, and I have been seeing Dr. Lin for a little over a year, and with the help of her acupuncture treatments in conjunction with medication prescribed for my arthritis, I am now completely pain and symptom free.  I have regained my strength and I have my life back!!!  Thank you so much Dr. Lin!   

......Jesse L. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Nausea from Chemotherapy

I have been a patient of Dr. Lin since May of 2007.  I am battling lung cancer and wanted to use all aspects of medicine I could find. I have been extremely happy with my results from doing acupuncture and herbal teas, prescribed by Dr. Lin. Dr. Lin has helped me with nausea from chemotherapy,  bowel issues from many medications and stress. 

My Oncologist is amazed at how well I handle the chemotherapy and cancer related issues. I know it is from having weekly acupuncture visits with Dr. Lin. I have also sent  friends to her for treatments for sleep disorders, back and neck pain, and hormonal problems and everyone has found Dr. Lin and acupuncture to truly help their problems. 

Dr. Lin is not only a wonderful acupuncture doctor; she is also very caring and knowledgeable in her field.  


......Karen D. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 


Energy and Focus

This has been my first experience with acupuncture.  After less than a month, I feel like I have much more energy and I am able to focus better. 

In general, I find life more enjoyable.  Dr. Lin is a very caring doctor.  

 ......Bonnie H. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Shoulder and Ligaments

I have had a shoulder injury for 25 yrs., an MRI showed no torn ligaments.  Dr. Lin has eliminated the pain for me so that I can exercise and keep it strong. 

 ......Mark H. Palm Beach Gardens Florida  

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